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Keep the Party Safe


Know Before you Go

FENTANYL is a lethal opioid contaminating recreational drugs. KEEP THE PARTY SAFE and AEG are partnering to help protect yourself and others at your next concert.

Carry Naloxone: Naloxone (aka Narcan or Kloxxado) is a nasal spray that can reverse an opioid overdose.
Know the Signs of an Overdose: Limp body, vomiting, unconsciousness, unresponsiveness, slow or stopped breathing, weak or no pulse, bluish purple lips. Darker toned skin may appear grayish, while lighter toned skin may appear bluish.
If you notice any of these signs, call 911 immediately and alert a medic.
Have a Designated Non-User: A D.N.U. is someone who abstains from substances to keep an eye on the group. Take turns so someone can step in with naloxone if necessary.


There are a few different ways naloxone can be given. The most common is the nasal spray - here’s how to use it:

Ensure the person is lying down on their backside with their head tilted back.

Insert nozzle into one nostril and press plunger firmly. Start rescue breathing.

If no response after 3 minutes, administer a second plunger if available.

For additional information and more ways to stay safe, visit KeepThePartySafe.org!

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